Neto Merchants: Update Your Store With Fewer Spreadsheets!

Managing giant spreadsheets to update your Neto store… Ugh! What comes to mind when you think of them?

Frustrating? Maddening?… How about exasperating?

I bet they all describe your experience with spreadsheets. Yeah, we know they do…because we’ve been there!

Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to create and update your products to Neto… one that doesn’t involve wasting your valuable time managing huge spreadsheets?

There is! – Meet Venzee,  your cutting-edge product management solution!

Venzee frees you from the hassle of dealing with the inefficient spreadsheets you now use, by allowing Neto merchants to quickly and easily create and update product records almost instantly!

Attention Neto merchants, this is how Venzee works:

Step 1: Sign Up Without A Credit Card

You can sign up and start importing your data right away…free of charge. It’s super easy to upload the product information your suppliers send you (via Venzee, CSV, XLS, or XLSX, online form, or from our Integration Marketplace)!

How do I import data into Venzee?
How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: Your Neto Template

After you’ve successfully imported your product info (we call it Source Data), go to Dynamic Data, choose “Add”, and select the Neto template. Clic Next at the bottom, and you’ll be halfway there.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: Mapping Data Attributes to Template Fields

Your Source Data has been uploaded and you’ve selected your Neto template. The next step is mapping your source data attributes (ID, name, description, etc.) to the fields in the Neto template. Venzee offers advanced features like math calculations, the ability to add padding, and even make tables. You can even generate brand new data by combining your source data’s attributes with the fields in the Neto template. If you need more detail about what goes where, just click the tool tip icon to the right of the fields.

Remember, this is a bulk process. No more tedious work on single product records one at a time!

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
How do I import images into Venzee?

Step 4: Generate
Once you’re done mapping data in your Neto template, find the “Generate” button and click it. Voilà! You’re done!

Your Source Data has just been given the Venzee treatment and has been transformed into Neto-ready product records! Go find them in the Dynamic Data tab. Now, click “Export” to get the download link sent to your email. Use this file to upload your new, bulk-created Neto-ready products into your store.

Allow Venzee To Work Its Magic….

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

When someone updates your Source Data, your Dynamic Data (a.k.a Neto-ready product records) are updated as well! We can hear you breathing a sigh of relief!

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