Venzee adds five more ecommerce platforms this week!

In our effort to continue to support as many ecommerce platforms ( inventory management system ) as possible, we have added five more platforms to our transformation engine.

1) HotCakes
Hotcakes ecommerce is an online commerce solution that believes it should be easier for everyone. If you are selling with Hotcakes, you can now export your product data straight out of Venzee and into your HotCakes store!

2) Jump Seller
For ecommerce companies that are fast growing, Jump seller is for you. With a graphical dashboard to see how your business is doing at a glance.

3) SunShop Shopping Cart
Running a PHP website and need a shopping cart? Save the time of building it yourself, and download SunShop. Need to import loads of data into SunShop? Venzee is your friend – start pulling data from anywhere into SunShop via Venzee.

4) osCmax
Looking for an open source, free online store that runs on your server? osCmax is the community developed ecommerce solution you are looking for.

5) Vendio
Start selling on Amazon, Facebook, eBay and more with Vendio. Import all your existing products and new ones from manufacturers with Venzee.

All of these, and 86 others are available now on Venzee. Looking to have your platform integrated with Venzee? Send us a note at Source.


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