Release 3.2.27 – Working with multiple lists to build an export

Release 3.2.27 is a major improvement to our export function including the ability to add information from up to two additional product lists to an export.

UI Improvements

The old connectivity page has been replaced with a new layout and name, apps and sales channel ( supply chain )

The interface for building an export has had a considerable makeover to accommodate the ability to work with multiple product lists
We’re adding sections as part of the build process for exports, starting with required and recommended fields. This allows users to better focus their efforts and we’ll be following this with images and variants in the near term

Field labels that meet the requirements for exports often don’t match the name of the user friendly label on the destination app (Amazon and Shopify are good examples and can be confusing for users). We now display the ‘system’ label and a user friendly label and will be updating all our templates in the coming weeks

When an export returns an error, fields affected will be displayed at the top of the list of fields for quick action

Glossary terms have been updated through the app including product collections now referred to as lists

We’ve separated content and minor UX based on the role of the user (retailer vs vendor)

We’ve removed the requirement to share a list with vendors when retailers invite them to the platform (this only applies to vendors inviting retailers)



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