It’s Now Easier To Update Your Arastta Store!

Warning! Reading this blog post will cause your spreadsheet use to drop by about 99%! If you want to continue using spreadsheets to update your Arastta store hit the back button now!

Introducing Venzee…

Venzee is an innovative method of transforming data that will totally change the way you create and update products for Arastta. It’s time to eighty-six those old-school spreadsheets and start working smarter and faster..with way less spreadsheet use! Are you ready?

How it works:

Step 1: Easy Sign Up Here Without A Credit Card ( map price )

Our sign up page conveniently opens in a new window. Follow the steps below and use this page to guide you through the easy process of creating Arastta-compatible products for your store!

The first thing you need to do is import your data to Venzee. The short videos below will help you with that.

How do I import data into Venzee?

How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: The Arastta Template

After you’ve uploaded your data to Venzee you’ll need to enter our Template Library and select the Arastta template. To get to the Template Library click on Dynamic Data and then the “Add” button. Find the Arastta template, select it, and hit “Next”.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: How To Use The Arastta Template To Make A Dynamic Collection

Now that you’ve selected the Arastta template you will use it to make a Dynamic Collection. A Dynamic Collection is what you’ll use when you want to quickly and easily create Arastta-compatible products.

You make a Dynamic Collection by taking your source data’s attributes (color, weight, size etc.) and mapping them against the Arastta template’s fields. This is an easy process. However, if you get stuck the little “?” is your friend and will provide you with some pointers to get you moving again.

Venzee has given you some advanced features as well. You can perform math calculations, add padding for better visual appeal on the Arastta platform, and create tables. You can even use dynamic pricing by pairing up your source data’s attributes with the fields in the template.

Click “Generate” when you’re finished mapping and then “Export” to get the download link.

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
How do I import images into Venzee?

Step 4: ECommerce Life Is So Much Easier When You Just Chill Out And Let Venzee Handle It!

You did it!  Your new Dynamic Collection is a tool that you can use to rapidly make Arastta-compatible product records and because these product records are dynamic they get updated whenever your source data gets updated!

Congratulations! Your spreadsheet use just dropped by 99%!


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